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Edgar Motivated To Close The Book on Penn For Good‏

Edgar Motivated To Close The Book on Penn For Good‏

By: Chris Taylor




In a recent interview with MMA Fight Corner, former UFC lightweight champion Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar, discussed his July 6 bout against B.J. Penn, a man who he’s beaten twice:

“He’s gunning for me, so that kind of gives me some motivation. You better believe I don’t want to lose a third time around. I’m motivated to go in there, get the job done, and close this book for good.”

“I get it, he’s a competitive person. I guess those two wins are still haunting him. I got some guys that haunt me a little bit I guess. But, he feels this is a chance to get redemption. But like I said. No way I’m going to let that happen.”

“I’ve changed a whole lot. I’m sure he’s changed as much as possible. My thing is, I don’t really focus too much on my opponent. I just worry about my skills and trying to get them as sharp as possible. It’ll be a year to the day since I fought last time and I think I’ve made a lot of gains. I think I have a lot of room for growth and I want to show that.”

Edgar and Penn will collide for a third time in the headlining bout of the “TUF 19 Finale,” which takes place July 6 live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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BJ Penn talks TUF 19 & Frankie Edgar‏

BJ Penn talks TUF 19 & Frankie Edgar‏

By: Chris Taylor




Former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn recently did an interview with his website, where he discussed a number of topics concerning TUF 19 and his upcoming trilogy bout with Frankie Edgar. Here is what “The Prodigy” had to say:

On His Drop to 145:

“I look at Frankie Edgar– I mean I can’t say enough good things about Frankie. As an athlete, every time he shows up he brings his A-Game. It doesn’t matter if he starts having a rough road in the beginning or having a rough road in the end or whatever it is, you know, I really respect how Frankie always pulls it together, he always brings his A-Game on fight night. So that’s for sure; we all know Frankie Edgar does that. Number two, watching Frankie’s fights, I didn’t get to see his second fight with Benson, but I heard Frankie did very, very well. A lot of people kept telling me that they really thought Frankie won the fight. Then, Frankie dropped down to 145 and fought Jose Aldo and did well, you know. Maybe, some people say it could have been a draw or Frankie was coming back. Arguably, nobody has really been able to do much to Frankie. He’s been hurt, he’s been dropped a few times. Benson dropped him. Gray dropped him. But no-one has really been able to put him away. He has two decision wins over me, and I look at him and that’s the guy I want to fight. The way it got put together, me and Dana were talking about fighting again and he asked “Why do you want to fight again, man?” I’m like, “Maybe a couple good fights and maybe see if I can earn my shot back up and maybe get a chance to redeem myself against Frankie.” And at that time, of course that wasn’t on anyone’s radar, BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar. I’m sure it wasn’t on Frankie’s. I was kind of thinking about it, of course because he beat me and I want to get another shot at him, of course, everybody always thinks like that. There’s so much stuff to think about, man. I just got off the plane, sorry I lost my train of thought. My brain’s just going 1,000 MPH right now with everything.”

If He will Go to Brazil and Train w/ Andre Pederneiras at Nova Uniao for the fight:

“Yes, that will happen. We’re going to Nova Uniao, Brazil and like I said, we’re not trying to let this slip away. And I’m sure Frankie isn’t either. So, Frankie knows that if BJ really wants to avenge his loss and this and that, this is BJ’s chance. I know Frankie’s coming (prepared for the fight). You know, I really do wish this fight was at 155 lbs. Nothing to do with the weight, it’s just I really feel that Frankie hasn’t lost yet. He’s right up there, and I feel everybody says I’m supposed to be the greatest at lightweight. Frankie beat me twice. Frankie never really lost yet. Pettis is the new champ, you got all these new guys coming. Well if Frankie and me are the old guys, maybe who walks out of that ring will be one of the best lightweights of all time. We’re going to find out.”

If He Wants to Revisit the Fight at 155:

“At the end of the day, whatever makes the UFC comfortable. It might be a good thing for me, 145 might be the best thing to ever happen to BJ Penn. We’ll find out.”

Will BJ Penn Be Making a Run At the 145 Title?:

“I know it’s really weird for a lot of people in America to understand this, but I’ve always been a loyal guy to my Jiu-Jitsu King. Ever since Jose Aldo has hit the scene and just went on an absolute tear has busted everybody up, I never had any intentions of fighting Jose Aldo. At this point, if I fight Jose Aldo who am I fighting? I’m fighting Andre Pederneiras. I’m fighting the man who gave me my black belt. It’s just not a comfortable feeling for me. Me and Andre Pederneiras will have to sit down and talk. Jose Aldo is going to have to sit down and talk. I know Jose Aldo was just about to fight Anthony Pettis. Now, is Jose Aldo going to go up to 155 and fight Anthony Pettis or is he going to stay at 145 and defend his belt? I think with some of the decisions Aldo will make, will help me make some of my decisions myself.”

On the hypothetical situation Aldo vacates the 145 title to pursue the 155 title:

“If that happens, I really do consider that a possibility. If that happens, great. I’ll take a crack at the 145 title. If he wants to sit there and defend, then me and Dana will sit down and talk. Really, one of the main things I want to do is just get that fight with Frankie Edgar. Maybe that’s the only fight I want? Who knows? We’ll see what happens when we cross that river.”

How He Succeeds Against Edgar This Time Around:

“You know what? Anything I say right now, right here, not going to change nothing. I gotta get out there, I gotta beat Frankie Edgar— I could say 1,000 things. I could say “I’m going to choke him, this time. I’m going to take him down early. Or I improved my boxing; I can beat him in boxing now.” Nothing matters. Talk is cheap, I’ll see Frankie in April.”

Stay tuned to for all your major UFC news and be sure to catch BJ Penn when he faces Frankie Edgar for a third time July 6 live at one of Kauai’s Kalapaki Joe’s locations!

‘The Ultimate Fighter Season 19: Penn vs. Edgar’ Cast Revealed

‘The Ultimate Fighter Season 19: Penn vs. Edgar’ Cast Revealed

By: Chris Taylor




Former UFC champions BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar will fight for a third time later this year, but before they do, you can catch them as coaches on ‘The Ultimate Fighter Season 19.’

The official cast for the upcoming season was announced by the UFC recently, with a start date of Wednesday April 10 set for the show on FOX Sports 1. A two-hour episode will kick-start things featuring middleweight and light heavyweight contestants.

“BJ is one of the legends in the sport,” UFC president Dana White said. “He basically built the 155-pound division in the sport and had championship belts at 155 and 170. I can’t wait to see this third fight.”

Penn, who has fought everywhere from heavyweight down to his current 145-pound weight, is 16-9-2 in his career.

Meanwhile, Frankie Edgar sports a career mixed martial arts record of 16-4-1.

“Frankie Edgar is a guy who many believed should have fought at 145 pounds but fought at 155 and beat everybody including BJ Penn – twice,” UFC president Dana White said. “This kid went from being a one-dimensional wrestler to having some of the best hands, knockouts and toe-to-toe wars.”

The complete listing of fighters features just 31 names, meaning there could be an issue regarding who was No. 32. Both weight divisions will feature 16-man tournaments to crown the next Ultimate Fighter.

Below is the full list of fighters set to compete on the show, including their respective professional records:

Corey Anderson (3-0); Kelly Anundson (6-1); Anton Berzin (3-1); Josh Clark (7-2); Chris Fields (8-4); Matthew Gabel (8-3); Lyman Good (15-3); Eddie Gordon (6-1); Jacob Heun (6-3); Mike King (5-0); Tyler King (7-1); Dhiego Lima (8-1); Adrian Miles (14-5); Tyler Minton (5-1); Todd Monaghan (8-2); Cody Mumma (5-1).

Cathal Pendred (13-2); John Poppie (3-1); Doug Sparks (7-2); Daniel Spohn (8-3); Joshua Stansbury (4-2); Ian Stephens (4-0); Adam Stroup (5-1); Nordine Taleb (8-2); Hector Urbina (16-8); Matt Van Buren (6-2); Bojan Velickovic (8-2); Daniel Vizcaya (7-2); Patrick Walsh (4-1); Tim Williams (8-1); Roger Zapata (5-1).

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BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar III Set For TUF 19 Finale Headliner In July

BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar III Set For TUF 19 Finale Headliner In July

By: Chris Taylor




The UFC’s ‘Fight Week,’ which is set for 4th of July weekend in Las Vegas, just had its first official bout announced.

Former UFC champions BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar, who are opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter Season 19, will square off for a third time in the headlining slot of the “TUF 19 Finale” event.

‘The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale” goes down July 6, live from The Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar first squared off at UFC 112 in 2010. “The Answer” was able to earn a controversial decision victory over Penn that night in Abu Dhabi, thus winning the UFC lightweight title.

Their initial meeting was so close that UFC officials decided to make an immediate rematch later that year at UFC 118 in Boston. In their second meeting, Edgar was clearly the faster fighter, which allowed him to dictate the pace on route to a dominant decision win.

Since their last meeting, Edgar has gone 2-3-1 inside the UFC’s Octagon. He lost his title to Benson Henderson in 2012 and then went down a weight class to fight Jose Aldo for the featherweight strap, to whom he also lost. Most recently, Frankie was able to notch his first win at featherweight, with a win over Charles Oliveira at UFC 162.

Meanwhile, BJ Penn has struggled to find success as of late, going 1-2-1 since the last time he faced off with Edgar. After his second loss to Edgar, “The Prodigy” moved back up to welterweight, where he promptly disposed of rival Matt Hughes with a highlight reel KO. The victory over Hughes was followed by a draw against Jon Fitch at UFC 127 in Australia. Most recently, BJ has dropped back-to-back decisions to top welterweights Nick Diaz and Rory MacDonald.

The Penn vs. Edgar III bout was officially announced this evening on UFC Tonight. A weight-class was not announced, however, the fight is expected to take place in the UFC’s featherweight division.

Be sure to come catch this awesome UFC event live at one of Kauai’s Kalapaki Joe’s locations this July long weekend. Reservations for parties of 8 or more are recommended and can be made online.