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Michael Bisping details a near-death experience he had in Hawaii

Michael Bisping details a near-death experience he had in Hawaii

By: Chris Taylor (Kalapaki Joe’s Staff Writer)

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping will defend his title against former welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217 this November at Madison Square Garden.

Prior to beginning his training camp, “The Count” decided to take his family on a Hawaiian vacation to the beautiful island of Maui.

Unfortunately for the British champion, the family vacation had some serious low points including being robbed and almost drowning.

Bisping recounted both of the scary and unfortunate events during his “Believe You Me” podcast (as transcribed by MMAFighting).

“We walked up to the car (after visiting a local waterfall), and [my son] Callum said ‘someone smashed the window,’” Bisping said. “I thought he was kidding, ‘the little f*ucker,’ but lo and behold, [someone] smashed the window. My wife had left her bag in the trunk, [they] smashed the window, grabbed that and all the clothing, of course we were swimming, so I just had a tiny pair of shorts on, my wife was in a bikini. That’s kind of how we were dressed. All the clothes, stuff like that, all stolen, including my wallet, everything.”

Bisping opted not to return his rental car that same day and wouldn’t you know it, a second robbery took place while in valet parking.

“The hire car, we were supposed to take it right back, but you don’t want to waste a half a day, taking a f*cking rental car back,” Bisping said. “So I’ve yet to do that. We drive around with a smashed window and we got robbed a second time. My running shoes and stuff like that, I left them in the next day and when we got back the car back, someone had stuck their hand in and taken the running shoes.”

Finally free of drama, or so he thought, Bisping and his family joined former UFC fighter and Hawaii native Kendall Grove for an afternoon of paddle boarding and adventure. It was during this time that Bisping suffered another scary experience.

“We went out with Kendall Grove and his family,” Bisping said. “We went out to the beach, great day. We had kayaks and paddle boards, stuff like that. So we say, let’s go out on the paddle boards and go out to that cliff [in the distance].”

Everyone made it safely to the cliff area and some members of the family took time to leap off of the peaks and into the water. On their journey back to shore the winds picked up and caused some problems.

“The wind’s picking up, we better head back,” Bisping said. “It’s me and my daughter on a paddle board. Balancing on a paddle board is not my forte, let me tell you that. Especially when there’s two people on there and the winds are blowing.”

He continued:

“We’re pretty far out, the cliffs were 200-300 meters away and we’re drifting further and further out. I’m like ‘holy s*hit,’ I don’t want to say anything to my daughter but I’m panicking a little bit, you know what I mean?”

“I jump off, my daughter’s on the paddle board, we’re drifting further and further out to sea,” he said. “I’m trying to swim and I’m starting to panic, we’re getting nowhere.”

To make matters worse, two elderly female swimmers were also in distress, and came over and clung Bisping’s paddle board. Thankfully help would eventually arrive, but there was only enough room for the two elderly women and Bisping’s daughter.

“Me being a macho d*ckhead, I go ‘yeah yeah yeah I’m fine, I’ll swim back,’ because I assume there’s no room for me,” Bisping said. “So they all disappear, go off in the distance and I’m thinking ‘I don’t f*cking believe this, me, and my ego, rather than just say ‘I need help also,’ I’m going to drown now.”

Eventually the lifeguards would return to help the middleweight champion of the world get back to shore.

“That was me yesterday. Fun times.” Bisping stated.

Support Hawaii – Islands brace for Hurricanes Iselle and Julio

Support Hawaii – Islands brace for Hurricanes Iselle and Julio

(Photo via:

By: Chris Taylor



Just days ago, Tropical storm Iselle was forecasted to slowly weaken as it moved west across the Pacific. Unfortunately that did not happen, and now Hawaii is poised to take its first direct hit from a hurricane in over 22 years.

Following behind Iselle is Hurricane Julio, which strengthened early Thursday morning into a Category 2 storm, which means it could produce winds up to 100 miles per hour.

State officials are assuring the islands are ready and that residents should prepare but not panic.

Hurricane Iselle was expected to arrive on the Big Island Thursday evening, bringing heavy rains, winds gusting up to 85 mph and flooding in some areas. Weather officials have since changed their forecast on the system, this after seeing it get a little stronger, giving it enough oomph to stay a hurricane as it reaches landfall.

“What ended up happening is the storm has resurged just enough to keep its hurricane strength,” stated Mike Cantin, a meteorologist with the U.S. National Weather Service. “It’s not a major hurricane, but definitely enough to blow things around.”

Cantin went on to say that he believes the Big Island’s size and terrain would help break up the hurricane, making it only a tropical storm as it passes Maui and Oahu late Thursday and early Friday.

Hurricane Iselle is expected to bring heavy downpours of 5 to 8 inches over the Big Island; in isolated spots up to 12 inches, according to predictions made by the hurricane center. That could cause rock and mudslides.

Also, the storm surge could come on top of high tide, pushing 1 to 3 feet of water onto dry land, and depending on overlap with tides, could hit isolated areas pretty hard. Hurricane Iselle has already produced waves measuring 40 feet in height.

Meanwhile, The U.S. National Hurricane Center said that it expects Hurricane Julio to slowly begin weakening this evening and forecasted that it will continue to lose strength over the course of the weekend.

The last time Hawaii was hit with a tropical storm or hurricane was in 1992, when Hurricane Iniki killed six people and destroyed more than 1,400 homes in Kauai.

We encourage all residents of Hawaii and any tourists vacationing on the islands to take the necessary precautions for dealing with these tropical storms.

Stay tuned to for further updates as they become available.

NEWS UPDATE | Kalapaki Joe’s signs sponsorship deal with UFC Welterweight DaMarques “Darkness” Johnson

NEWS UPDATE | Kalapaki Joe’s signs sponsorship deal with UFC Welterweight DaMarques “Darkness” Johnson




By: Chris Taylor

Kalapaki Joe’s is proud to announce that we have signed a sponsorship deal with UFC Welterweight DaMarques “Darkness” Johnson. “Darkness” will face off against Mike “Quick” Swick on the main card of UFC on FOX 4: Shogun vs Vera this Saturday at 2:00 pm on nationally televised FOX TV.

The TUF season 9 runner up, DaMarques Johnson, is looking to gain some consistency in his career. Johnson has gone 3-3 in his past 6 fights, altering between wins and losses along the way. DaMarques latest effort was a loss to John Maguire at UFC on Fuel TV 2 this past April. Swick will be fighting for the first time in over 2 and a half years. It was back in 2008 when Mike dropped down to the UFC welterweight division. A move that saw Swick reel off 4 straight victories in the weight class. Since then he has suffered back to back losses to Dan Hardy and Paulo Thiago, not to mention the fact he has been plagued with injuries and illness.

Johnson has a very exciting and aggressive fight style that you won’t want to miss! Catch UFC on Fox 4 live at Kalapaki Joe’s in Lihue & Poipu this Saturday. Visit for more info and reservations.