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By: Chris Taylor (Kalapaki Joes Staff Writer)




Current UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis wants to finish his career being known as “the best ever”.

“Showtime” is set to face Rafael dos Anjos in the main event of this month’s UFC 185 pay-per-view, where he will defend his lightweight strap for the second time.

Pettis recently sat down with FOX Sports where he discussed his goals, which include surpassing the lightweight records set by UFC legend BJ Penn:

“Me getting that belt was the first goal. Now it’s time to set this legacy in place and make sure people remember my name for a long time. When you look at the lightweight division, the biggest name that sticks out is B.J. Penn. He’s an icon and he’s been around a long time and he was dominant as the champ. I think I’m set up to be the next name in the line. You have Frankie Edgar, you have Ben Henderson, but I think I can be the most dominant champ in this lightweight division. I want to be one of the pay-per-view kings in the UFC. I think there’s a path right now set up for someone to come in and take over, and I can be that guy. I have the fighting style and people like seeing me fight. I don’t plan on changing that. I just need to keep doing what I do and everything will happen.”

Those are some pretty big shoes to fill (BJ Penn’s), but Pettis definitely possesses the raw talent needed to reach such lofty goals.

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