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By: Chris Taylor




Former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion B.J. Penn, retired from mixed martial arts in July, this following a TKO loss to Frankie Edgar at the TUF 19 Finale in Las Vegas.

The fight, his third with Edgar, took place at 145-pounds (featherweight) and marked the first-time that “The Prodigy” had ever competed in the weight class.

To ensure he made a successful weight cut, Penn hired Mike Dolce, the creator of the famous ‘Dolce Diet’ to help him make the featherweight limit of 145-pounds.

Mike Dolce had recently made some comments regarding Penn’s camp, or lack their of. So, BJ took to his website to clear the air. Here is what the future UFC Hall of Famer had to say:

“I hadn’t been to 145 (pounds) in 18 years and that cut was intimidating. I wanted to get it right, so we brought in Mike Dolce, and paid him $22,000 for 21 days of service. That’s $1000 per day plus a $1000 tip. I turned down the I.V. [after weigh ins], so Dolce made an attempt to rehydrate me in a different way that he does. Dolce didn’t come to check on me [the next day], or monitor my weight, and I couldn’t get in touch with him. I don’t feel there was any real attempt to get back to my sparring weight after weighing in. From all my years of experience in the UFC, every second counts from the scale to the cage, and Mike Dolce didn’t share the same mentality as I did. Dolce made every meal I ate the whole time I was there [in Vegas], and now after the fact, he says I should have went and ate my own food if I was hungry. After the fight I asked him why he fed me so little on fight day and all he said was, ‘Why didn’t you go eat if you were hungry?’ I replied, ‘I was waiting for the $20,000 dollar man to tell me what to do,’ then he said, ‘Take your $20,000 back then.’ I figured that paying this guy $1,000 a day, I could just focus on the fight and Dolce would focus on the food and weight cut. But I guess that was my job to focus on the food, and my weight, and the money was charity for the Dolce Diet.”

Obviously, BJ was less than impressed with the services provided by Mike Dolce and his team. Can you blame him?

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