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By: Chris Taylor (Kalapaki Joe’s Staff Writer)

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has always been one to speak his mind.

The brash Irishman, who will challenge Eddie Alvarez for the UFC’s lightweight title on November 12 in New York, recently did a Fan Q&A with the LAD Bible where he gave his take on Alvarez as an opponent.

“You know, I don’t think he poses any threat. He’s tough,” McGregor admitted. “He’s a tough kid. He’s got some good fights under his belt. Good experience. I’m expecting him to come in and fight with his heart. But I don’t see it going well for him. You know he will be unconscious.”

Conor further elaborated on why he believes Eddie Alvarez will be an “easy” opponent.

“This time we’ve gone back to 5-foot-7 stalky stuffed wrestlers with mediocre boxing. That’s the opponent I’m going up against. We’ve got solid boxers (for this camp), we’ve got solid wrestlers. That is a body type (Eddie’s) that is very easily found. I’ve been facing this opponent, this new opponent this body type, these attacks, I’ve been facing that style my whole life. It’s like a… It’s easy really. It’s a lot better for me. It’s handy. I don’t have to go out and source these taller, bigger. They’ve got to be southpaws also and react certain ways. There’s a million opponents and training partners that replicate this next opponents style.”

Conor McGregor was last seen in action at August’s UFC 202 event where he scored a majority decision victory over rival Nate Diaz in a bout that was deemed “fight of the night” and a possible “fight of the year” candidate.

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The Irish superstar has gone 8-1 in his UFC career, scoring finishes in six of those eight wins.

Meanwhile, Eddie Alarez captured the UFC lightweight title by scoring a first-round knockout victory over Rafael dos Anjos this past July in Las Vegas.

Prior to that, Alvarez had scored split-decision victories over Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez respectively.

Who do you think will emerge victorious in the main event of UFC 205, McGregor or Alvarez?