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By: Chris Taylor (Kalapaki Joe’s Staff Writer)

Former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson was cut loose by the Minnesota Vikings this past February, thus becoming a free agent.

After speaking with numerous teams, including the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks, “All Day” opted to sign on with the NFC South New Orleans Saints.

Today, Peterson spoke about how excited he is to play behind legendary quarterback Drew Brees and how he feels about playing his former team, the Minnesota Vikings, in Week 1 of this year’s NFL Regular Season.

“Envisioning myself in the backfield with Drew Brees it was like ‘Wow, what will opposing teams do?'”

As for playing his long-time team the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1, Peterson says it was just meant to be.

“It was meant to be.”

Peterson and the New Orleans Saints will invade Minnesota for Monday Night Football on September 11.

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