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By: Chris Taylor (Kalapaki Joe’s Staff Writer)




The Tennessee Titans used the second overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft to select former Oregon star quarterback Marcus Mariota.

The 21-year-old Hawaiian had a sensational final college season, throwing for 4,454 yards and 42 touchdowns with the Ducks.

Despite the arrival of the 2014 Heisman trophy winner, many fans and media thought that Marcus Mariota would have to battle Zach Mettenberger for the Titans starting quarterback position.

However, according to Titans GM Ruston Webster and coach Ken Whisenhunt, the starting quarterback position is already Mariota’s and they plan to use the skills of Zach Mettenberger as an insurance policy incase anything happens to their new franchise QB:

“The way this league is going on, very seldom do you get a quarterback that goes through the whole season,” Whisenhunt said. “So Zach will get an opportunity at some point. When he does, he’s got to be ready to take advantage of that. He’ll (Zach) get a lot of work in preseason. He’ll get some work with the (first team) and he’ll get prepared.”

Webster added:

“We just talked before I came in (to the news conference), so he’s up for the challenge,” Webster added. “I think one of the things that was important for Zach to understand is that he built up a lot of good equity with what he did. There’s a lot of potential there, and we’re excited about Zach. I think he will embrace this situation here and he won’t be traded.”

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